Billy Corgan Opens Tea House: Madame ZuZu’s


Tea with Billy Corgan anyone?

 The Smashing Pumpkins frontman says he’s a tea kind of man. Nothing wrong with that, its’ actually pretty healthy depending on the tea and if you use milk from cow boobs. Today is the grand opening in Chicago’s Highland Park area of the new Madame ZuZu’s social hot spot. Corgan will be playing acoustic sets all day and offering free tea to guests. This seems to be another fine example of a great artist beginning a new venture. What I would do for some exotic tea 🙂 

Designed with an aim to please everyone from teenagers to seniors, the tea house will host an array of photo galleries, art, and of course music. He guarantees a changing menu of teas from all over the world in addition to vegan pastries. A press release about Madame ZuZu’s  implies that this tea house will be a creative blend of tea & art with the essence of the 30’s. According to the release, ZuZu’s is “designed to serve as a social hub for the community, blending tea drinkers with the arts.

Drawing from Corgan‘s love of music from the ’30s, Madame ZuZu’s is a Chinoise inspired teahouse found in Paris during this period.” The Smashing Pumpkins will also begin their fall tour in Seattle, WA on October 10th. The tour will be supporting the band’s June release of ‘Oceania’.


– Katana