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In Room 13 with Katana: Dallas Band Fallen From Ether’s Front-woman

As a singer for a Dallas rock band, living the life of a musician requires hard work behind all of the lights and makeup. There is always more that I want to create, more that I want to do.

dallas rock band

I wake up each day and think of the endless possibilities of what I can do to make progress and take action on that list. What I truly take joy in is simply singing songs I’ve written. There is nothing like the feeling that overcomes me when I’m performing, it’s such an intensity that I feel hot all over. This burning sensation lasts for a long time and I can live in it for that song, it’s my reality for that moment.

I’ve always tended to be a person who did things for the amazing feeling it gives me. But my music is like a life purpose and the dallas music scene makes that possible. It’s an attempt to portray the way I know some people feel inside and let them know they’re not the only one. Being involved in local music like the Dallas heavy metal scene is a way I set myself free. I feel that my music is my best and most refined method of communicating. Anything I can express speaking can be expressed to the 10th power with my singing.

dallas rock band

We’ve been studiously looking for a new drummer who feels the same way about his drumming. We want a serious musician who feels like an uncaged animal with his drum set. If you’re that person, feel free to contact me I don’t bite very hard. We have fun with our music and we make all the magic in Room 13… having a smoke or two along the way if I do say so myself.

By: Katana