ANIMAL HOUSE SXSW EDITION w/ Fallen From Aether, My Iron Lung, The News Can Wait + More!


Fallen From Aether is very proud to announce our first scheduled show at SXSW March 15th! We will be rocking the Dizzy Rooster around 1:00 p.m. along with My Iron Lung, hailing from California and another Texas band, The News Can Wait.

We’re really excited about jamming and we can’t wait to deliver a great beer-guzzling show. This show is going to kick off a series of shows for us in 2013, and we’re ready to set the year on fire! We will be updating our show schedule very soon to keep you all up to the minute with what we’re doing.

Also, right now we’re in the painstaking recording process, but once it’s all done we’ll have some new music to make your ears bleed. We would like to release a full length EP sometime early this summer, and we’ll keep you posted. We’re really appreciative of the support and attention we’ve been getting lately and we can’t wait to have more music released.

Keep checking back here on our blog, we’ll be posting some cool videos of us on the road and of course of the shows as well. We’re busy working our asses off to bring the best quality heavy rock music possible and the best live shows.

Fallen From Aether

Fallen From Aether


Candid Acoustic Performance by Matt Heafy of TRIVIUM

TRIVIUM is currently on tour with AS I LAY DYING, CALIBAN, & UPON A BURNING BODY but guitarist Matt Heafy had time to play an acoustic set

Matt Heafy with the Florida metal band TRIVIUM stopped by the 2112 Restaurant last Thursday, November, 1st for a special acoustic performance. The 2112 Restaurant also happens to be owned by metalheads Peter Iwers (bass) and Björn Gelotte (guitar) from the Swedish metal band IN FLAMES. Heafy played an acoustic version of Opeth’s ‘Harvest’ and IN FLAMES’ ‘Dawn of a New Day’. TRIVIUM’S last album ‘In Waves’ sold 22,000 copies and was recorded at Paint It Black Studios in Orlando, Florida. The band worked with Colin Richardson on the album who has a track record of working with profound bands such as MACHINE HEAD, FEAR FACTORY, SLIPKNOT and many others. Check out a video of the candid performance below.



Lullaby Versions of Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare Album

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar is a company known for it’s ability to convert the heaviest rock tracks into baby friendly lullabies. Avenged Sevenfold (one of my favorite bands) has been the latest subject in rocking lullabies, their latest album Nightmare is now available

“Lullaby Versions Of Avenged Sevenfold” track listing:

01. Dear God
02. Buried Alive
03. Nightmare
04. Afterlife
05. Carry On
06. So Far Away
07. Welcome To The Family
08. Seize The Day
09. Beast And The Harlot
10. A Little Piece Of Heaven
11. Almost Easy
12. Bat Country

– Katana